208 E. Main Street, Studio 125
Norfolk, VA 23510
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All Images © Helen Jones

My life as a photographer is immeasurably rewarding. Finding an
image by chance or creating one by design offers a blend of challenge and satisfaction.  For over 25 years  I've been asked to photograph people from many different walks of life.  I always feel a camaraderie build with people when the camera's present and we're all ready to roll.

My work takes me into industries and institutions of all stripes.  It's  
how my photography continually evolves. What I see in those worlds through a lens - and what I include, exclude and enhance by light
shapes my sense of place.

A travel assignment on saving a lighthouse in Maine, exploring
foreign ports, or precious work in my own backyard confirms that the
exotic is visually mesmerizing but so is everyday life.  
Commercial assignments that range from larger-than-life robots to
miniature espresso pods arouse just as much passion as my photos  
of people.  Whether I'm photographing a series on adults with braces,  
programs at the local YMCA, or a recycling project, my passion and  
the camera join forces.
These qualities are enmeshed in all my work including images I exhibit.   
I've won regional  and national awards  (i.e., Peninsula Fine Art Center  
in Va, and International Center for Photography, Golden Light Award  
in NYC).  My latest collection, Aging Beauties, Photographs  of Seasoned Flowers, is now being shown in galleries and museums here in the United States.

I welcome the chance to "show and tell" more.  To connect with me to  
explore projects that may benefit from collaboration, to license the  
use of images for you or your clients, or to purchase a print for your own personal collection, phone or click on the e-mail link below.